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Berle entered show business at the age of five when he won an amateur talent contest. [7] He appeared as a child actor in silent films , beginning with The Perils of Pauline , filmed in Fort Lee, New Jersey . [8] The director told Berle that he would portray a little boy who would be thrown from a moving train. In Milton Berle: An Autobiography , he explained, "I was scared shitless, even when he went on to tell me that Pauline would save my life. Which is exactly what happened, except that at the crucial moment they threw a bundle of rags instead of me from the train. I bet there are a lot of comedians around today who are sorry about that."

Shambolic Drunk Punk from Geelong, Piss Funny. Been around since early 90s, still play occassionally, only released 2 7-inches and one CDEP, and a swag of comp tracks